Hire Me

Since the beginning of 2014 i am a Drupal Freelancer. First only in part-time, but since 2015 in full-time. So here is what i can do for you:

Development & Coding

I’m a passionated Drupal developer, who have seen many Drupal projects. With my experience i can also help you to get your project ready. I have also experience in:

  • Version Control System: GIT and Subversion
  • Issue-Tracking: Atlassian JIRA
  • Documentation: Atlassian Confluence
  • Search Technology: Elasticsearch
  • Databases: MySQL / MariaDB
  • Mobile-Apps: Ionic Framework


Maybe you have a team of PHP Developers, but with no experience in Drupal, no problem. I can support your team to get the project done and show them how to write code in Drupal fashion.


You have a Drupal CMS, but you have no idea how to use it. No problem, i can explain it to you.